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Cyber Bullying


In 2017, when I first started my account, I was blindsided by cyberbullying.  Since I was inexperienced and was new to social media, I was naive and had never experienced bullying.  It was devastating due to being a sensitive person and I had no coping skills.  To this day, I've been told the fandom had never seen this happen so harshly to anyone.  What was hard to understand at the time and still to this day, is why strangers on the internet whom I didn't know and had never talked to before could send such hateful messages.  There were 3 campaigns and the third was the worst since messages became threatening. 

The Kindness of Followers

If it were not for my loving followers who couldn't witness the devastation it was causing, I would have left social media for good.


Michael's message and the friendships I formed kept me on my path of purpose and I am forever grateful.

At the time, I wanted to someday provide support and resources to others who find the same fate in order to help them not to feel alone. This page has finally allowed me to do so :)

This page will continue to be updated with the latest resources so please keep checking back :)

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