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The MJGT Tiny Treehouse Project

Help me design the MJGT Treehouse and learn all about the Tiny Home Movement in the process!

Click here to become a part of the project ->

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About the project

Living a more sustainable and less stressful life has been a goal for most of my life, I just didn't know how to achieve it. This is when the Tiny Home Movement fatefully was introduced to me one day like magic and I haven't looked back since. The beloved followers of MJGivingTree lovingly supported this decision and now I want to make them part of this journey. This is where the MJGivingTree headquarters will be and where designs will be made, so it's natural to want them to be a part of it. This will become The MJGT Treehouse!!

Please join me in this journey where you can personally help these dreams come true. Your appreciated donation will not only be used to build this house, you will also help design it too! From colors, to layout, to materials, to even the trims, your design decisions that I value will be a part of this tiny home. In this journey I will share what I learn along the way and hope to spread awareness about the benefits of LIVING BIG IN A TINY HOUSE! I hope to inspire people to think differently and to think BIG.

I hope you'll love this adventure as much as me and I can't imagine sharing it with anyone else!




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